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Michael is an experienced entrepreneur and investor. Currently, Michael is Head of Developer Programs for Strategic Partners at Google. Previously Michael was Head of Ops for the Startup Ecosystem leading the systems, support and analytics teams. While at Google he's also launched machine learning programs for early and late stage startups including the ML Bootcamp and the Google Cloud ML Startup Competition. 

Outside Google, Michael is an advisor to several start-ups and founder of Angel Forum. Prior to Google, he worked for Mark Cuban on the investment team and led strategy and operations for portfolio companies. Prior to Mark Cuban Companies, Michael founded Taglyn GPS Tracking, specializing in small fleet management, before selling it to a private company in 2011.

Head of Android Ecosystem Compatibility. Working with strategic partners, app developers, and OEMs to ensure successful product launch and a healthy ecosystem. Prior to this role, Michael scaled Google Cloud Startup program 10x as Head of Operations. 

The Angel Forum is a free event for both angels and entrepreneurs that builds the entrepreneurial ecosystem by curating high quality entrepreneurs and helping them meet active angels.

Founded Taglyn GPS Tracking as a fleet management SaaS. Hardware device in vehicles and a software platform to track location and use. Exited with a sale to a large dealer group in 2011.

Michael is an active mentor and advisor to startups. He works with accelerators including Techstars and Alchemist in San Francisco. He also works directly with select founders.

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